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They are what you Feed them  Dr Alex Richardson
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What nutrients do I need
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What nutrients do I need 

What we eat now is very different to that of even our very recent ancestors.

Food production and manufacturing techniques, coupled with changing lifestyles and increasing access to processed foods, mean that our intake of fresh, nutritious, local produce is too low.
At the same time, our intake of saturated and artificial fats, sugar and refined starches, and many artificial additives is too high. Too much alcohol and smoking makes matters worse.

The diets of many children in the UK are lacking in essential nutrients - seriously so in some cases. Dr Richardson's book, 'They Are What You Feed Them', highlights some of the shocking findings from the latest national surveys of infants and school-age children.

You and your child need to get all of these nutrients from your diet - and in the right balance:

  • Essential amino acids (the building blocks of protein) more ...
  • Carbohydrates more ...
  • Essential fatty acids (omega-3 and omega-6) more ...
  • Micronutrients more ...
  • By the way, it's also very important that you incorporate exercise into your daily life.

In her book, Dr Richardson explains how deficiencies or imbalances in these essential nutrients could be affecting your child's brain and behaviour, and what you can do about it.  Click here to buy your copy.

For details of the scientific evidence that food can affect behaviour, see also the website of Food and Behaviour Research.

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